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  • App. B: Very complete exposition of scales.

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  • How much did Euclid really understand of all this tuning stuff? Here is the awesome answer, in Greek, Latin, and English.

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  • Definitive modern treatment of Pythagorean, just, meantone, and equal tunings.

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  • pp. 221, 228: Plato's scales

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  • Old Babylonian text on the tuning of the lyre in seven tones.

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  • pp. 27-29: monochord, 582 BC, drawing.

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  • pp. 39, 93: Scale measured from flute pipes from Ur, ca 2700 BC

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  • Ch. 2: Pythagoras
  • Ch. 7: Hermetic tradition

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  • Some very advanced considerations in the notes.

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  • Besides definitive articles on the vibration of strings and the history of tunings, Lloyd has left us the best instructions for making (App. 1) and using (App. 2) a monochord. His is 53 inches long and has two strings: a duochord.

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  • p. 169: intro to monochord

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  • Outstanding review of the prisca theologia tradition.

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  • p. 6: very complete table of pythagorean tuning, from 1409!

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  • p. 233-246: Nice background on the monochord.

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  • p. 39: intervals measured from Egyptian flutes
  • p. 342: Alexandrian perfection of the diatonic scale

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  • pp. 248-254: excellent history of the Pythagorean comma

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  • This is great!

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    See esp. Part IV: The problem of harmonic proportion in architecture, incl. Sec. 4: Musical consonances and the visual arts.

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